fine paper, premium quality paper

premium fine paper

people who want something new and simply different than others which can showcase their brand, elatedness and the ability to think out of the box ; conqueror offers them to meet their demand in areas such as reliability, high end uses, contemporary newlines, eco-sustainability and a paper which fits their requirement perfectly.

at cutting edge of technology and sustainable development, conqueror helps to pass on the key values such as :-

  1. uniform quality
  2. eco-sustainability
  3. excellent printability
  4. light fastness
  5. special touch
  6. high bulk
  7. digital compatibility
  8. faster drying time

conqueror supports businesses, designers and printers with their written communication to achieve the greatest possible impact. its wide, high end range means there is a paper which fits every requirement perfectly. there are three ranges

  1. stationery range (conqueror)
  2. textured range (rives sensation)
  3. metallic and translucent range (curious metallic and translucents).


    conqueror and rives sensation

these are the ideal medium for all your designs even the most contemporary.

  1. invitations, news letters, leaflets, direct mail, inserts
  2. brochures, press kits
  3. luxury packaging
  4. letter heads and envelops
  5. seminar kits and reports

    curious metallic

menus, stationaries and box wraps for everything from perfume to champagne, visiting cards and invitations, and marketing brochures.

    curious translucents

overlays and dividers for calendars, brochures, invitations, for any situation where you want people to "see the light".